PlusNet enhance their PCI compliance

Article posted by mauriceb on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007 17:40 PM

As a component in the drive to improve their Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, PlusNet will be changing their Credit Card processing company overnight on 26/9/2007.  Most users should see no effect on the way their payments are processed.

The change will impact three categories of User:

1) Those who rely on Continuous Credit Authority on an expired card will no longer be able to do so;

2) Referrers who generate more referral tokens than their monthly charge will no longer be able to receive the income direct to their card. Affected user will be contacted over the next few days to explain the cheque/BACS refund process.

3) Users expecting refunds on invoices raised via the original Card Processing company will be reimbursed by cheque.

For those interested in the 'WHY' you might like to visit PCI Compliance
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