BT Cease charges revision August 2007

Article posted by mauriceb on Sunday, 12-Aug-2007 21:14 PM

This week BT Wholesale has confirmed the cease charge for IPStream and Datastream at £4.90 + VAT (£5.76) a significant reduction from the earlier proposal of £33.75  (£39.65 inc VAT) This appears to be a permanent charge bringing to a close the speculation and 'special offer' of the last few months.

This charge is effective from 23 Aug 2007 for any Cease of a broadband service.

How will this affect Users?

The charge is applicable when you 'cease' or remove a Broadband connection to a users premises.  In some cases this will be because the User no longer requires Broadband, but more likely it will occur when you move house and cancel the 'phone and Broadband as part of the move.

Will I be charged if I migrate to another ISP?

The charge is *not* applicable if you decide to migrate, using the published Migration process and MAC, to another ISP on BT Wholesale Broadband services or LLU (Local Loop Unbundling)operator.   

Whilst at least one ISP has decided to pass on the charge to users at cost, we understand that PlusNet as yet is uncommitted to a course of action.

One possible option is for PlusNet to pass on the charge at cost for a true cease of Broadband service, but to absorb the charge in a 'House move' scenario.

With Broadband provision now becoming widespread, it is an anomaly that moving house requires that the Broadband service requires a physical disconnection / reconnection whilst the normal phone line does not.  This is an area that BT needs to address in the near future.

For more information on moving house and your Broadband connection see:

For BT details of the charge see:
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