Fibre Flies In and Refreshes the Product Set

Article posted by spraxyt on Tuesday, 19-Apr-2011 15:20 PM

The long awaited launch of Plusnet fibre products took place this morning (19 Apr 2011) heralded by a flight of pigeons racing from London to their home loft in Yorkshire. See Plusnet Fibre Pigeon Race - The Results.

The new products Value Fibre and Extra Fibre come alongside a refresh of the product range (see FAQs) which PUG are pleased to see reflects feedback from users provided through the forums. Essentially the existing Value and Extra base products continue, with unchanged pricing and bandwidth limits. Pro is discontinued as a stand-alone product and replaced by a £5 per month Pro add-on available on both Value and Extra. This is great news - it provides a choice of two products with Pro speed profiles (line speed) whilst retaining the base product's bandwidth.

  • With Value the Pro add-on effectively provides the long-requested Pro-Lite product with Pro speed profiles at an entry level price.
  • With Extra the add-on provides the Pro experience with 3 times the bandwidth of the stand-alone Pro product but at the same price.

Fibre comes as a second add-on costing £10 per month but requiring an 18-month contract (reflecting commitments Plusnet have to enter into with BT Wholesale). Set-up charges might also be incurred - see Fibre FAQs. Download speeds for most users are expected to exceed 30Mbps, though this depends on distance from the cabinet. Upload speeds will be capped at 2Mbps.

Value Fibre comes with 40GB peak-time (8am to midnight) bandwidth, Extra Fibre with 120GB. Off-peak usage continues to be free.

The Pro add-on may also be added with Fibre, again retaining the underlying product's bandwidth.

Together these two base products and add-ons provide 8 combinations with the following price points.

Price Bandwidth
  Market 1 & 2 Market 3  
Value £12.99 £ 6.49 10GB
Value Pro £17.99 £11.49 10GB
Value Fibre £22.99 £16.49 40GB
Value Fibre Pro £27.99 £21.49 40GB
Extra £17.99 £11.49 60GB
Extra Pro £22.99 £16.49 60GB
Extra Fibre £27.99 £21.49 120GB
Extra Fibre Pro £32.99 £26.49 120GB

With all products extra bandwidth will be charged at £5 per 5GB.

Expected speeds for the new products and add-ons are given on the Plusnet website here - click the product names to expose this information. Note that for fibre products traffic shaping extends an hour into off-peak hours. PUG's Product Comparison Tool requires significant updating to accommodate the new product set and this is in progress.