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The Plusnet Usergroup (PUG) is an independent group of users from Plusnet, MetroNet, Free-Online and Force9 using the whole range of products and services with a diverse and varied degree of knowledge and expertise.  (The doors are open for a volunteer from Madasafish to join us).

The group was conceived in April 2004 with the aim of being an independent and officially recognised group of individuals working with each other and with Plusnet to ensure that the products, services, support and facilities are the best we could ask for.

Originally launched in 2004 and totally revamped in December 2005/January 2006 this site is aimed at providing all users of Plusnet, Free-Online, Force9,  MetroNet and Madasafish with the latest Plusnet family news and updates, information on our activities, progress reports as well as a way of contacting us if you feel there is some way that we can help out.

Latest News

The good news

After a bit of speedy action by Bob and the Network Engineers late yesterday to port a couple of missing config files the change over went as planned.

This item is being served by the new Server.

The less good news

An unexpected PHP error in the PUGIT code has meant that the PUGIT facility has had to be temporarily suspended.  The problem is being worked on with a view to restoring service ASAP

Limited service resumed 27/09/2014.   Work continues on resolving the original problem.

Posted by mauriceb on Thursday, 25-Sep-2014 18:38 PM
Plusnet have announced that the final stages of migrating the UserGroup (http://usergroup.plus.net) and UserTools (http://usertools.plus.net) websites to a new environment will be completed early tomorrow morning (25/09/2014). Their Service Status announcement can be found here. These stages involve copying the current databases and switching DNS to the new IP address.

Server files are already in place in the new environment, however the chat facility, UserTools IRC and some outdated tutorial content has been removed/retired. DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate; during this time some visitors to the sites will be taken to the old server whilst others will see the new one. To protect database integrity visitors to the old site will find the UserGroup forums are in maintenance mode and the UserTools Service Status Email sign-up facility is disabled. Forcing a browser refresh (Ctrl+F5 on PCs, CMD+R on Macs) might help visitors to get content from the new site.

If you experience any problems following the migration then please let us know by posting over on the Community discussion forums here.

Posted by spraxyt on Wednesday, 24-Sep-2014 16:41 PM

After an absence of some 3 years Unlimited returned to the Plusnet stable in this morning's (19/12/2012) long awaited product refresh. However unlike its previous incarnation, which could perhaps have been better described as unmetered, the new product is truly unlimited - no protocols are rate limited at any time, and there is no FUP or AUP (Fair or Acceptable Use Policy). The new product does have traffic prioritisation, but this is for Quality of Service reasons and does not impose rate limits within the Plusnet network.

Complementing Unlimited is a new Essentials product, which is identical to Value though 50p cheaper in Market 2 and 3 areas for those willing to commit to a 12 month contract.

Both the Unlimited and Essentials families include ADSL and fibre variants with contract and non-contract options available for the ADSL version. However non-contract will cost more.

With the launch of Unlimited and Essentials the Extra and Value products have been withdrawn from sale; customers currently on these products can stay on them with unchanged prices and service if they wish. Plusnet will not be making changes to anyone's current product - if customers wish to change to a new product they will have to specifically request it with, as usual, the change taking place on their next billing date.

Pricing for the new products is as follows:

  Market 2 & 3 Market 1
Contract Non-contract Contract Non-contract
Essentials £ 5.99 £ 8.49 £12.99 £15.49
Unlimited £ 9.99 £12.49 £16.99 £19.49
Essentials Fibre £15.99    - £22.99    -
Unlimited Fibre £19.99    - £26.99    -

ADSL contracts are 12 months whilst fibre packages are contracted at 18 months.

See Plusnet's website (www.plus.net) for full details of the new products including attractive half price offers for new customers taking Plusnet's Home Phone service.

See also Community blog Unlimited broadband is here and FAQ.

Posted by spraxyt on Wednesday, 19-Dec-2012 14:54 PM

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